Why I Seek Fame

the spokesman seems to be willing to do anything for Fame, like most men. this wasn’t always the case… men used to be content to raise a family and rise through the ranks of an honest career… used to be. at some point things changed. probably in the 80s, I suppose, was the tipping point… but the phenomenon originated much earlier: in the 1950s, I would suggest, thanks to the rise of advertising and television and the microwave and men who used to kill instead sitting idly in chairs, along with the true emergence / accelerated ascension of the celebrity. we made our god. since that tipping point in the 80s there has been a snowball effect, only exacerbated by the rise of the internet and the promise that you, too, yes you, can become famous and it won’t be so hard and it is definitely what you want. they sell the notion that fame is the highest pinnacle, but they never seem to say why. Is it the adoration, that we seek? They sculpt melted disfigured mannequin imitations of the famous through news and reality television and instagram in a sickening feedback loop, and we clap for them and lick the screen, compounding the fame of hungry stars, we want it too, don’t we, lining the pockets of balding executives, inspiring and encouraging a new generation of underdeveloped teenagers to seek the same damn thing? Are the famous happy? What’s the best brand? Is this linked to the growth of poisoning and suicide amongst middle aged poor white americans?

Are you going to be famous? Let me know in the comments section below.

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