How I Manage to Stay Motivated in a World That Wants to Defeat Me

So, how do I manage to stay motivated in a world that works so hard and is so driven to defeat me? To keep me on the outside looking in when I know that I deserve by my own hand to be on the inside looking out? The answer is pretty simple actually. I stay motivated by maintaining a well-trimmed and organized but lengthy list of projects to execute. Issues to tackle. Solutions to solve. Or, my favorite thing to call them: reasons to breathe. Without the constant pressure of self-imposed deadlines, I would be lost in a world that feels so distinctly unreal and foreign to me. So make a list, categorize and order the tasks that you need to complete, or you might find yourself stumbling about the earth’s unknowably vast land with no destination in sight, no goal to achieve, and no purpose to fill your hole. That hole you thought would define you can be squelched and squandered with the right distractions. Get dirty, get messy, do what is necessary: stay busy. Do you want to look back in 20 years and wonder where all the time went, if you wasted your years? Or do you want to satisfactorily enumerate through the list of quantifiable problems you have overcome? Just make the list.

What is the most fulfilling solution you have ever invented? Let me know in the comments section below.

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