Mister Shane
"LUCKY" EP, 4/20/18. Recorded in 2017-18 in Chicago, NYC, and LA.
  1. The Dig
  2. My Skin
  3. Crawling
  4. Lucky
"How'd it happen to me?" I'm not sure.
Here's a music video for "The Dig".
Lemonade Performance
I'm selling the performance of the sale of a glass of lemonade in New York City for $1,000.
New Video Work
I Say Nothing These Are The 50 Facts You Didnt Know About Stranger Things
I made a Woody mask.
At Sea
I went on a Carnival cruise from New Orleans to Mexico in January 2016. At Sea is a collection of music and photos composed and taken on this cruise: at sea. Every sound is a field recording from the ship or my voice. Each track is named for one of Carnival's 8 fantasy-class cruise ships. I found paradise. I found prison. You can download the audio files over on Bandcamp.
Dog Shadow
I make music with my dog to blow off steam. We use sounds we like and bark into the microphone. This music is about my big ideas.
Second Shane
Second Shane is a virtual space that I, Mister Shane, made for myself to live in. It is a collection of interactive audiovisual portals, photographs, videos, and poems. Just like the physical universe, it grows larger each and every day. Check back often. See what's changed. Earn your keep.
Shane's Tweet Heaven
(an isolated exploration teeming with endless self-discovery)
Content: Volume 1
Labor Pains Wrestling with John Cena Undercover Pig Factory Happy Birthday, Kevin Six Pack Shortcuts
Mister Shane's Thought Blog
Mister Shane maintains a relevant and timely word-blog where he shares personal anecdotes, ideals, and advice. He welcomes you to learn more about him by reading it.

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